The museum library includes approximately 4,000 books over a wide variety of historical subjects relevant to LaSalle County’s past. Of special significance for those genealogical researchers amongst us are the 71 books of the LaSalle County Military Discharge records that date back to the Civil War as well as 13 books on the military records of LaSalle County units. Other subjects include military histories, biographies on famous persons with ties to LaSalle County, over sixty books on the Illinois Michigan Canal, and a wide selection of other items topics. The museum library is also home to our miscellaneous binders and files with information, articles, and notes gathered on LaSalle County historical subjects. Last but not least we have over 48 years of Tick Talks from the Peru Westclox facility.

All use and research in our library must be assisted by museum staff and will be conducted on premises. Prices are as follows and are billed to the closest ½ hour:


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